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Last Updated December 1, 2005

Real Name: Ann cheryl nakogee
Nicknames: chuck, geegeesh: rn:cheryl
From: Fort Albany...yo!
Occupation: student and already a mommy
Hobbies: whatever i wanna do!
Quote: Blow me,yousuck, just fuck off

My 411

name: Cheryl Ann Nakogee

Age: 18 years old

D.O.B: 12 17 86

Hometown: raised in the FAO

Hobbies: whatever i'am in the mood for

status: Single but not looking

sign: sagittarius

my ma and pa: Agathe and Louis Nakogee (deseased)

siblings: Wendy,Nelson,Hannah and Olive Nakogee

neices and nephews: Anna Nakogee and Tray Sprowl

Hello to all my family in Albany, Attawapiskat, Kash and moosonee!! Love you guys

To Shem's family in Kash I liked to say a big hello to you guys and hope to see you guys soon


 To my bro's and ho's

chicks:Felicia,Raylle and Amber N,justine S,kim k and kim S, Tracey S,Stephanie S,Jessica Knap,Chasity S, hope S, Alice S,Lorianne S, Pamela M, Vironica M, Wendy E, Martina F, Melissa and Lauren R, Sherily, Tammy,Daphney and Terry Jo W,Gloria,Charlotte, Lucianne and Jessica K, Ruby N, Elizebeth L, Kelly-ann W(my girl) and to the rest of you's that I missed. Sup to all of ya'll

dicks: Luke R, Harold N,Travis S, Kevin E, Randy W, Pj G, Steve G, George G,Boy and Martin F, Trevor W, Brent N,Jonathan Jeremy and Aaron N,Neil Hearts,Clayton K,Franky,Leo and Douglas K, Martel whom I just met and to the rest of you's that I left out hey hey hey!!


Hey wad up yall!! long time no say from the bitch in the F.A!!!!

Well lets see,what can I say. Oh yah Shem was back for about a week,just went back home yesterday because he can't handle me!!! And yah Tammy's tooth is comming in she's keeping me up most of the night and she almost fell off the couch today because she rolled over that crazy girl!! yup. And she would like to say Hi to her sister teyonna.

And cousin leonard congrats on the coming baby, hopefully he/she will look like you!!!

Yup that's it for now,




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Well I'm all done here so i'll do the do later aiight!


to my loved onez

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